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Today’s kids are tomorrow’s heroes.

As the scorching summer draws to an end and children get ready to go back to school, Geox ensures they have everything they need to make it a smooth transition. With the Back-to-School promotion Geox guarantees a successful and enjoyable start into the new school year.  This initiative has become an established tradition for the brand that leaves kids anxiously waiting to see what new gadgets are in store for them this year.

By purchasing a pair selected of children’s shoes from the Back-to-School collection of the Italian brand’s fashionable Fall/Winter 2013 collection, youngsters will receive an exciting Geox travel bag bursting with essentials exclusively made to fit their needs. A scholastic flair maintained by a fun approach, children will feel empowered especially with this season’s superhero theme.

They say knowledge is power and with great power comes great responsibility. This message is translated to the kids through the new Geox superheroes. Introducing Xenia and Alex - two ordinary students with extraordinary powers. Both heroes are committed to helping others: Like when Xenia and Alex join forces to defeat the ‘contaminators’ before they invade their school!

The superhero branded trolley bag contains Geox branded school fundamentals such as: a cooler bag to guarantee a fresh meal at lunch time and a hero themed pencil case. Geox also added fun to this year’s Back-to-School set with a snap band and a cereal bowl with branded spoon for a great start into the new school day.     

This season’s footwear collection is designed with style, and fashionable comfort in mind. The children’s collection is a manifestation of the chic adult world, yet has been created to meet the demands and rigours of the everyday wear and tear characteristics associated with children’s shoes. The collection strikes a balance between fresh designer fun and sturdy, parent-approved practicality, and the soles are all made of supple, ultra-thin rubber, trade mark of Geox breathable technology.

The Back-to-School offer is available at all GEOX stores across the region, including UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain from August 2013. Join us in welcoming a new school year and in bringing out the hero inside all of us. Calling all kids on board for a magical journey with GEOX.

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